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Down Payment Assistance

For many hopeful homebuyers, the primary barrier to purchasing a home is lack of upfront funds to make a down payment. Fortunately, there are many local and state run down payment assistance (DPA) and bond programs available that were created specifically to help people buy a home of their own.

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Down Payment Assistance

What you need to know about down payment assistance programs

Many DPA programs were created to help first-time homebuyers, or those in specific income brackets, purchase a home of their own. These often come with flexible qualifying criteria and are adjusted for local median income and home prices. There are also loans that can provide up to 100% financing for eligible homebuyers, such as USDA and VA home loans.

The amount you are required to put down will depend on a varierty of factors, including the specific DPA program and the mortgage option you are utilizing. Local DPAs and bonds can include second liens, a grant that does not need to ever be repaid, tax credits, or a broad array of other opportunities. Ask your Loan Officer for available options in your area.

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Help those who might not be able to come up with a down payment

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DPAs can often be used toward the down payment or closing costs

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Many DPAs are for first-time homebuyers with flexible qualifying criteria

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Many help you purchase a home sooner

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